Our Story

“Make your mess your message”  – Robin Roberts

Our son was diagnosed with severe food allergies at 9 months old. Our lives changed completely. Suddenly even the simplest trips to restaurants, parks, grocery stores became very hazardous for our son.

We did a lot traveling in our 15 years of marriage before we had our son, and couldn’t wait to share our love of traveling with him. During our first trip to Hawaii we found out how inconvenient and unsafe it was to travel when you have life threatening dietary restrictions. It was during that trip to Hawaii, standing on Waikiki Beach that I decided that life was too short to be inconvenienced by food allergies. And so, our adventure, which today is Flo’s Friendly Foods began.

Flo’s Friendly Foods provides food solutions for people with dietary restrictions and the business that serve them. We have created an inclusive menu and product line that features dishes for vegans, food allergies, celiacs and those that eat kosher but most importantly for those who want great tasting food.

About Us

At Flo’s Friendly Foods, we offer food we are all familiar with like hamburgers, hot dogs, casseroles, pot pies, cup cakes and cookies, reinvent them so that they are more nutritious allergen free versions of themselves. We make each meal one by one so that it can be customized to suit any diet. Our food is perfect for anyone who wants to eat healthy great tasting food. Vegans, Celiacs, diabetes, food allergies ….. our custom made meals are perfect for you