Is there a minimum order?
There is NO minimum order. That being said we have found that it has been easiest for parents to order on a monthly or quarterly basis. When your order is completed we will send a reminder that a new order should be placed.

What time do I need to order by?
Orders must be placed no later than 12pm the day before delivery. Our online system will automatically close ordering on lunch items. However, on occasion, we may have enough supplies to accept a last minute, same day order. Please call us (no email) between 9:00 & 9:30 to check availability.

How do I order?
Orders can be placed at flosfriendlyfoods.com/food. A school code is required and available from your school administrator. After a quick and easy registration, you can immediately place orders.

School Code?
Misplaced or don’t know your school code? Use our on-line inquiry form to retrieve.

What sweeteners do we use?
We use only whole fruits, organic palm sugar, honey and organic molasses.

What is your food like?
All our meals include an entrée and treat. All of our fruits, vegetable and meats are organic. We use only biodegradable packaging. We strategically use ingredients such as chia, flax, kale, carrots, broccoli and other seasonal organic vegetable to increase the nutritional density of all our meals. For example our tacos, meatballs spaghetti sauce etc. usually contains a blend of flax and kale. The kids can not detect that there is something a little extra nutritious in their meals.

Is your food allergen free?
Our facility is dedicated free from the following allergens: Gluten, Lactose, Casein, ALL Nuts. We do process soy, shellfish and fish but use different equipment to do so.

My child is a picky eater will he/she like your food?
We call them “Selective Eaters” and We love working with parents to win them over. We have a successful transition program to help selective eaters gradually learn to love school lunch. All of our meals can be customized per the individual child. Please call Florence directly at 415-244-3234 to discuss what we can do to serve your family.

Sick Day Policy?
If your child is absent due to illness, let us know and we will either credit your account, or provide you with a “Sick Day Coupon” to use on your next order. Send email to: orders@flosfriendlyfoods.com to report and request a credit.

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